MW-S250 Automatic Sliding Door

MW-250B Automatic Sliding Door

M-1M Door Clamper M-25CM Door Clamper

M-201W(Wireless Hand Sensor Switch)

M-202G(Wireless Hand Touch Switch)

M-202E(Wireless Hand Touch Switch)

M-203F( Five-Range Programmed Switch )

  M-203E(Autodoor MultiFunction Remote ) M-204X Celing Mount Microwave Sensor

M-204GD Unidirectional Sensor

M-204H ( Microwave Sensor )


M-204E Reflective Type Infrared Detector

M-204F( Passive Infrared Sensor )

M-205S Single-Channel Remote

M-205M (Four-Channel Remote)

  M-206E Pasword Card Reader Access

M-206T ( Touch Type Access Keypad )

M-206H Wireless Type Access Keypad

M-206W (Wireless Password Plate)


M-207 ( Access Keypad )

M-208G( Metal Card Fingerprint Reader)

M-208M( Fingerprint Access)

M-209 ( Auto-Switch for Disabled )


M-210 Power Supply for Access

M-210E (Access Backup Power)

M-211 Lithium Battery Backup Power

M-212D Low-Temp Electronic Lock-delay )


M-212E ( Electric Dropbolt with Bracket )

M-212F( Wireless Receiver Electric Bolt )

M-213 Electromagnetic Lock -Single

M-213E Electromagnetic Lock -Double Open


M-213F (Autodoor Electromagnetic Lock)

M-214 ( Plastic Door Exit Switch )

M-214M ( Metal Door Exit Switch )

M-214E Wired Hand Press Switch


M-215 Downside Holder of Electric Bolt

M-216( Card Reader Head)

M-218H(Three Beam of Safety Sensor)

M-219T(Feet Sensor)


M-219D(Feet Sensor)

M-220 ( Infrared Presence Detector )

M-222 Collect Bad debts Controller

M-221(Automatic Timer Switch)


M-223 Pet Presence Detector

M-225 Visual Access Control Interphone

M-226 Autodoor Electric Bolt Bracket

M-227B Movable Infrared Top Scan Curtain


M-227A Moving Safety Curtain

M-228T Networking ATM Protect Cabin

M-229 ( Presence Curtain Sensor )

M-230 Celing Mounted Presence Detector


M-232 ( Five-range Key Switch )

M-232E ( Five-range LCD Key Switch )

M-234(Side Presence Detector)

M-235(Combined Radar Activation Infrared )

  M-236E Lithium Battery Backup Power

M-237 ( Infrared Detector )

M-237W Wireless Infrared Detector

M-238(Auto-Switch for Special Room)


M-240 ( Five-range Key Switch

M-241(Five-range Button LCD Selector )

M-242 ( Five-Range LED Switch )

M-243 ( Five-range Button LED Switch )


M-246( Touch Type LCD Screen )

M-250 ( ID Card Access Control )

M-250Q Magnetic Card & ID Card

M-252 Double Lock for Autodoor


M-253 (WIFI Access Control )

M-254 Infrared Motion Presence Safety

M-255 Automatic Door Magnetic Lock

M-255S Automatic Door Magnetic Lock


M-255G Automatic Door Magnetic Lock

M-256 ( Wireless Carpet Switch )

M-256S(Wireless Mini Receiver)

M-630 ( Face Fingerprint Access Control )


M-200 ATM Card Reader for ATM Access

M-200E Magnetic Card Reader Access

M-200G Bank Card Reader Access

M-201S (Hand Sensor Switch)

  1-4CM Adjustable Floor Guide 3-6CM Adjustable Floor Guide F- type Floor Guide U -type Floor Guide
  V8 Luxury Gold Intelligent Smart Locks V8 Antique Brass Smart Fingerprint Locks F6 Fingerprint Password Door Locks F5 Fingerprint Password Card Smart Lock
  C8 Luxury Gold Fingerprint Locks C8 Antique Brass Intelligent Smart Locks C6 Luxury Gold Fingerprint Card Lock C6 Antique Brass Intelligent Smart Locks
  C5 Luxury Gold Intelligent Smart Locks C5 Antique Brass Fingerprint Door Locks